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*Looks up from library table* Oh, hey guys!! Returning some of those books?? hehe.
Sorry, but I had a test to study for, and a paper to write. So I had to slip out. But don't worry - no updates are needed. Fred and George's ear things are great - ::grimaces:: I wasn't trying to be sneaky, but I figured it would save some time in the long run. Come to think of it, we should set up a communication system of some sort between us. Is there any type of magical walkie-talkie system Ellie?? hehe.
*points to book on table* The guy you mentioned Ellie - name was Nicholas Flamel, right?? Check out that little paragraph - it mentions his affilitation with Dumbledore. Also, if you look closely, it also briefly mentions that he helped start an organization over in the U.S. Though it doesn't give any details and it isn't much, this could be a lead. Don't you think?? And it wasn't even in the restricted section!! So, unlike some people, I didn't HAVE to be sneaky!! *sticks tongue out at Mina* Though it was a huge pain in the butt to find.

As far as what I know...well, honestly, I only know what I used to overhear from the teachers. ::sheepish grin:: They did a pretty good job of keeping under wraps what little information the faculty seem to have. I DO know that this person graduated the year before I entered school. So I don't know this person myself.
I have no clue who this guy is - who knows, it may be a girl. But from what I can tell (well, overheard - hehe), the suspect was actually a very good student. You know, one of those people that you would never suspect anything from. There is also the theory that another teacher helped him or her gather information.

I'll help any way I can. Besides, the branch of the Ministry of Magic over in the U.S is still a little short-handed. And relatively new to the whole thing. We can start by looking first at the students from three years ago. Preferably those students who had high grades, but low profiles. You know the type.
I'll contact an old friend, and see if I can find anything else out, K??

*stops*...WAIT A MINUTE!! *raises eyebrow* Mina, how do you know what school I went to??!! I don't remember telling you or Ellie the name of it!! *stares at Mina, stands up, and crosses arms* Okay, what ELSE are you NOT telling us??!!
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*puzzled* You never told Mina what school you were from? The ministry!*faces Mina and grins* You knew who Rannia was even before she introduced herself. *turning back to Rannia* Don't you see, its no coincidence that you both transfered from the US. Mina knew you and our mysterious alchemist came from the same school. She came here hoping that you could help. Although the information you have doesn't seem like much, its plenty to get us started. Once we get a list of students who graduated three years ago, we can investigate where they live now, what kind of jobs they have, and what their hobbies were in school. That should help us narrow down the list a bit. *faces everyone* As for communicating devices, I could rig anything you'd like pins, mirrors, coins, watches, the list goes on *grins*. It'll take me about a day to do it because i have to make sure that all of our items link to each other, and most importantly that they only work for us. Before we do anything else though, I suggest we put the books back while Madam Pince is lecturing some first years on the proper ways to handle books *shakes head* poor things*. Hurry up Mina, I'll cover you.
Ok. Be back in a second.
Yeah, hurry up. And don't get caught - I still wanna hear the entire story!!
Okay, let's think of some object that we all have in common - and we can use that. And, if I have enough ability, I'll help any way I can with the spell. Maybe it'll go faster that way.