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Looking for admin

Hey everyone! I'm looking for 3 more admin to help me with a harry potter roleplay roum. It will take place in the time of the founding four, so each one of us would play one of the four. I would prefer to play Ravenclaw, but I may let someone else have her. Reply back if interested with the following form:

Character you want?:
Years rolepalying:
Ever been an admin?:
Ever used invisionfree?:
Level on invisionfree?: (adv, intermediate, beginner)
Ever used proboards?:
Level on proboards?:
Anything else?:

The following is an example that I filled out.

Alias: Juliette
Character you want?: Ravenclaw
Age: 15
Years rolepalying: Five
Ever been an admin?: Yes
Ever used invisionfree?: Yes
Level on invisionfree?: Adv
Ever used proboards?: Yes
Level on proboards?: Intermediate
Anything else?: I love photoshop :)

Since the forum will take place in the days of the founding four(Rowana Ravenclaw, Goddric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin), the board will be in medieval times.

Far thee well!
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